Don’t Just Ride Your Machine, Make It Last Forever

Don’t Just Ride Your Machine, Make It Last Forever

Motorcycle is a common choice of vehicle for most Malaysians. Some ride it to avoid peak hours of traffic, some ride it to save on cost of living, and some ride it  because they love speed and the breeze while riding. Regardless of the reason, when you own a motorcycle, maintenance is important to keep it in a safe and optimal condition.  


Get Your Tips From A Professional MotoGP™ Mechanic 

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Scheduled maintenance is important for a bike to keep its reliability. Habibtullah bin Mohd Fuad or “Habib” is an experienced professional mechanic from PETRONAS Sprinta Racing Team that handles Moto2 and Moto3 bikes – he has been working with PETRONAS for more than 13 years. His advice is simple yet effective,  here are some tips on how to keep your motorcycle going as long as you want and save money too. 


Tip #1: Ensure The Whole Motorcycle Setup Is Balanced ! 

Petronas Sprinta Malaysia   IMAGE 1: The Whole Aspect of A Motorcycle Has To Be Balanced 

Motorcycle balance ensures the riding machine is at its optimal condition. An overpowered engine and a weak brake system is a recipe for disaster. A set of unbalanced wheels will affect the motorcycle’s performance and might lead to an accident when neglected. Long term of unbalance increases the damage to motorcycles through easy wear and tear.  

Bikers must take precautions because lack of this  aspect will put yourself in a high risk of an accident. For example, during heavy rain and roads are slippery, the brake system and  tyre grip should be optimised for balanced riding  so you won’t have to struggle and risk being out of control when riding . 

Another question that raises  concern is “Can we customise our motorcycles? And are we putting ourselves in a more dangerous situation by doing so?” Customising motorcycles often include rebuilding some of the motorcycle components and this can alter the balance of the body which makes riding difficult. So, what you can do is to make sure you seek help from an expert like Mr Habib before you change any of your motorcycle components. 


Tip #2: Check the Tyres, It Carries All the Weight  

Petronas Sprinta MalaysiaIMAGE 2: Never bald tires!

Tyres are essential to safety, yet for some they are overlooked. Can you imagine when you’re on your way to an important meeting  or you’re dropping your kids to school for an exam in the morning and notice you have a flat? That’s the worst thing that could happen and can completely ruin your day!     

Tyres deteriorate over time even though the tread may look fine. Aging, sunlight and ozone cause cracks in the sidewalls. Inflate them to the recommended pressure, and replace it when the treads have flattened. A good tyre responds well in any emergency situation. So, start practicing checking your tyres once per week. This is to ensure the safety of you and your beloved when on the road. 


Tip #3: Spacing gap 2mm to 10mm

Petronas Sprinta MalaysiaIMAGE 3: Are you comfortable with the clutch?

Does your clutch lever make you “feel”good? You will want to adjust it to get the maximum life out of your clutch components. Too little slack and the clutch plates won’t fully squeeze while too much slack and the clutch won’t fully disengage. In general it is recommended to keep the spacing between 2mm to 10mm and as a rule it’s always better to have too much slack than too little.


Tip #4: Get the Right Type of Engine Oil  

Petronas Sprinta Malaysia IMAGE 4: The engine is the heart of any motorcycle. 

Every time you start your motorcycle and rev the engine, the motor oil is there to clean, lubricate, and protect your engine from cold starts and ultra-high temperatures.  

To keep your motorcycle in pristine functioning condition, you need extremely good quality engine oil. The engine oil is the lifeblood of your motorcycle engine. Using the right kind of engine oil will not only prolong the life of your engine, but it will make your bike run smoother as well. In fact, using the wrong engine oil will  do more harm than good. 

And what if you don’t change the oil? This can cause the engine to run less efficiently, and as time goes on, it can cause the engine components to warp and wear out. The lack of lubrication between these parts will also contribute to these problems. Eventually the entire engine will shut down and have to be replaced. 


PETRONAS Sprinta UltraFlex™ Lubricant Oil, the Ultimate Choice for Racers!
  Petronas Sprinta Malaysia

IMAGE 5: PETRONAS Sprinta UltraFlex™ Lubricant Oil  


The PETRONAS Sprinta UltraFlex™ Lubricant Oil is designed for four-stroke and two-stroke bikes. Now, there are quite a handful of reasons why this oil is included in the topmost engine oils. The most prominent one is its advanced UltraFlex™ technology which delivers instant defence and performance with its unique formulation   

Also, this engine oil minimises the internal engine friction even under extreme situations. Moreover, the UltraFlex™ technology used behind the creation of this oil protects the critical areas of your motorcycle, namely the engine, gear and clutch. 

Another fantastic thing about the PETRONAS Sprinta UltraFlex™ Lubricant Oil is that it offers impeccable resistance against heat thus, giving an air-cooled performance. It is also helpful in engine acceleration at its optimum level.  

So even if you are a racer or daily rider, the PETRONAS Sprinta UltraFlex™ Lubricant Oil is the best value for money engine oil for your bike. Get more information here and buy it at your nearest PETRONAS station or authorised dealer. 




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