IPONE Injector Cleaner

IPONE Injector Cleaner


Looking for 100% genuine and quality IPONE Injector Cleaner in Malaysia? Find out more about the additive from IPONE Malaysia now.


Product Description

IPONE Injector Cleaner Malaysia

Motorcycle.my offers 100% genuine and quality IPONE SOS Tyre in Malaysia. Find out more about additive from IPONE Malaysia.

INJECTOR CLEANER is a cleaner for injector which is used to remove deposits that build up within the injector fuel rail.

A mistake has slipped into the video. You have to pour 300 ml Injector Cleaner into 20 liters of gasoline (not 100 ml into 20 liters of gasoline).

Mix well, then fill your fuel tank.

• 300ml
• Injector cleaner
• Eliminates deposits
• Reduces consumption, pollution and maintenance costs
• Restores original performance

IPONE Injector Cleaner Malaysia



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