IPONE Chain Cleaner

IPONE Chain Cleaner


Looking for 100% genuine and quality IPONE Chain Cleaner in Malaysia? Find out more about the lubricants chain care from IPONE Malaysia now.


Product Description

IPONE Chain Cleaner Malaysia

Motorcycle.my offers 100% genuine and quality IPONE Chain Cleaner in Malaysia. Find out more about lubricants chain care from IPONE Malaysia.

CHAIN CLEANER is a solvent-based degreasing product that allows even the most stubborn grease to be dissolved, without damaging the O-rings. It can be used for your road or off-road motorcycle, or even your quad bike.Its multi-position diffuser combines the power of a jet with the precision of a spray.

Spray the product on the interior and exterior of the chain. If necessary, use a brush to scrub off encrusted grease.
Leave to dry for 10 minutes to allow the solvents to dissipate.

• 750ml
• Extra power chain degreaser
• Efficient against tough grease
• O-Z-X ring compatible
• Powerful spray
• Wide and precise spraying

IPONE X-Trem Chain Off-Road Malaysia

IPONE Chain Cleaner Malaysia



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Weight 1.50 kg


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